Published on May 22, 2011 online and on the Sunday paper.http://apps.chron.com/disp/photo.mpl/photos/26422591/Photo%20editor's%20top%20pictures.html
Thank you for everyone that organized the event most especially to Sam, Mattie, American Association of Museums, Houston Museum of African American Culture, Rachel Hooper, Jonathan Leach, Mauricio Menjivar, Mike Smith, and also the dedicated volunteers!
ART SANDWICHES: Birthday party at The Joanna Portable on Demand Art that was organized by the Houston Arts Alliance for the American Association of Museums convention here in Houston. 

Upcoming shows:
JUNE 3, 2011 --- "Cohesion" at M2 Gallery 7:00 PM
JUNE 4, 2011 --- Art tent at the Houston Free Press Summer Fest
JUNE 11, 2011 --- "Cinder Block: Mixture" at Skydive Art Space at 7:00 PM