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Horray! Today, I officially quit "Art". Art here, art there. We've used the word so many times that it doesn't mean anything anymore. It's like that excerpt from Johan Grimonprez's video about "...weapons of mass destruction" being repeated over and over again that, with balloons flying around and horns being blown like it's a birthday, it's been accepted by society. Same thing. Art? Sigh. I don't even know where to begin. According to my favorite website, Google, the definition of "art" from Merriam-Webster is: 
1. The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
2. Works produced by such skill and imagination.

Perhaps, having a conversation with Jeremy DePrez about "art" made me realize a lot of things --from its definition, practice, connotations, etc. It's silly, yes. "Art is silly", according to Jeremy and I couldn't agree more. I have chosen a career as an "artist" or one who makes art. In a way, a rebel. A rebel for not following the basic or the usual path of life according to other people: Go to school. Apply for a job. Get hired. Work for a company. Kiss ass. Get promoted. Kiss more ass. Get promoted to a higher position until there's no more position to apply for. Retire. Die. To a lot of people, that's how life should be.

So what is it that we're really trying to do? I guess I can say that I am not the typical "artist". Like what most people think, no, I don't do drugs. No I don't get drunk. No I am not a lazy bum who thinks that all I do is drink, sleep, make art, do drugs, etc. But yes, there are artists like that. Not to say it's a bad thing but that's their choice and I choose not to be like that. I'm going to quote Jeremy again, artists try to emulate an experience that can't exactly be translated in any way even by words or anything visual. True. I agree with that as well. There's no way in the world can we recreate a certain feeling again. We can get hurt but it would be a different kind of hurt every time it happens. Unless if there's a word that specifically and precisely defines the amount of hurt we have then it would be possible to explain it. This idea relates to my thought process with art making: the failure of language. It's just impossible at this age and time. I know new words are created and reclaimed but it still isn't as advanced for us to define a certain feeling. 

So do I really quit art? I say yes. It has too many connotations that I don't like but what do you call a person that makes art? It seems like a never ending downward spiral. I guess it's a battle that I can't win. In the end, any product of my imagination, feeling or experience will end up being called art and I'll still be called an artist. 

Anyway, on a lighter note. Everything is running okay. More opportunities, I mean, smarter opportunities coming up. Can I say, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Tha Joanna, Skydive, etc.? Sounds good enough to me! Thank you to Brandon, Os, Mike, Mauricio, Katie and the rest of the awesome Cinder Block for including me in this mish-mash of brain 


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