Is it narcissistic to Google yourself? Eh, I don't really care what people think about that topic. I do it because I am curious what kind of feedback I'm getting from other people or if I have been listed in something that I do not even know of. I guess it's interesting to find whatever is on the internet when I type "Matt Manalo" on the search box. There are stories that lead to someone that has my name who got in trouble for marijuana possession (I don't do drugs by the way, I don't need it at all) and an armored car jacking incident. Weird right? I am glad though that the first things that pop-up when I search my name are things about me. I'm probably going to hate this post in the future. So with all that said, here are some links that I found myself on that I just discovered today: and

Today, I had a conversation with a colleague about "career as an artist". My theory is that being an artist sort of makes you not get affected that much by the recession (as long as you work smart enough to be known). The rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. We all know that by now. Since the rich are getting richer and the rich are most of the people who buy art according to my observation working everyday as an artist and being exposed to the business of gallery representation, rich people are not worried or affected by what most people are going through right now. Paintings are still being made and paintings are still being bought. A poor man would rather buy food than a painting. I guess everyone would agree to that. A rich person has money to buy food and has more to buy a painting. Yes? With that simple logic, that's how I was able to make that observation. I might be right or I might be wrong. Who knows 


04/11/2011 17:49

I think your comment about art being recession proof is basically accurate. But, your investors have to be truly rich, not the simply well off.

04/11/2011 21:42

Yeah, of course. You have to work smart.


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