As an artist, I can’t be surrounded by artists 24/7. I need to be around different kinds of people more than the things within my reach. Maybe it’s called “thinking outside thinking-outside-the-box”. Lately, I’ve been hanging out with engineers, architects, businessmen, etc. It’s all good though. Refreshing. I need something more to feed my mind more than just art. I need it. I have to be constantly thinking and talking. Otherwise, all my thoughts and ideas will constantly revolve with myself. Art isn’t all about paintings on canvas, sculptures on pedestals, videos on screens, etc. anyway. Art is everywhere all the time.

I don’t want to be just an artist. I want to be a culture engineer. 

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I'm working on a new series of paintings to fulfill my current craving for something new and different. Of course, making art will be my outlet. I am planning to use the least funding for this series because of my current stock of materials. Most of it will probably deal with my Deconstractivism-making mindset but with a more in-depth interactions with the choices that I make and not just focus on the aesthetic found in the materials. I'm planning on using my native Filipino language for texts --watch out!
This piece went out of the studio today. It is 50 by 60 inches hand and mechanically sewn paper with ink and acrylic paint. It took me around 100 hours to finish it.

Thank you Nasyim Segal!!!
Been too busy for everything. I think I'm going to slowly revamp my website for my own visual liking. I'm getting bored with it. So, yup, let the construction begin.
I haven't had much time to update and or just to poke around with my blog lately. I guess I'm really bad at this. It is just so hard trying to type everything and keep up with the fast-paced internet life. Honestly, I prefer explaining everything in person or having that first-hand experience. I am sure everyone agrees to that. If you don't, then buy me an ice cream sandwich. 

Anyway, it has been a long and busy run for August. Most of my time, I was doing a lot of prep work for my solo show. Not to mention that it was my very first and, I must say, I had a good time. It felt really good talking to people about my work, though, I would have never thought that my work was going to get that much importance. It certainly gave me more motivation to keep making work and its the only thing I know. The show will be up till the end of September at Imperial Fine Arts Gallery/Imperial Performing Arts Theatre.

Here are some photos from the show:
Sam, Mati, Myself, Congressman Pete Olsen and his wife, Edward Crowell and Robyn Miller. (photo courtesy of Shannon Langman Photography)
Family and friends!
Ray Rajabi and his wife!
Imperial Arts Gallery in Sugarland.
There are so many people to thank for this success! You know who you are! Thank you!!!! Most especially, the people who purchased work --haha! Thank you!

Many things many things. I'm going to back track here. But before all that:

 - The Art Sandwiches have work that is currently displayed at Cafe Brasil. The show is curated by Cody Ledvina of The Joanna
- Yeasty 2 is coming out soon. Watch out! We're keeping our fingers crossed about getting Domy to sell them. 
- Group show at the Marriot Hotel in Katy, Texas on September 23.
- The show at Dallas was moved to November. It is organized/curated by Lauren Woods. 


Many Mini Residency:
Yes, I was given the opportunity to participate in the Many Mini Residency which happened at Sky Dive Art Space in Houston. 

Here's the USTREAM of my time spent there:

White Washing.
The finished painting. Grey prevails!
Art Sandwiches at the Free Press Summer Fest 3 featuring Marvin Zindler. Thank you The Joanna, Melangie Creperie and Free Press Houston!

Also, this Saturday:
Cinder Block at Skydive Art Space! 8PM-11PM
Published on May 22, 2011 online and on the Sunday paper.'s%20top%20pictures.html
Thank you for everyone that organized the event most especially to Sam, Mattie, American Association of Museums, Houston Museum of African American Culture, Rachel Hooper, Jonathan Leach, Mauricio Menjivar, Mike Smith, and also the dedicated volunteers!
ART SANDWICHES: Birthday party at The Joanna Portable on Demand Art that was organized by the Houston Arts Alliance for the American Association of Museums convention here in Houston. 

Upcoming shows:
JUNE 3, 2011 --- "Cohesion" at M2 Gallery 7:00 PM
JUNE 4, 2011 --- Art tent at the Houston Free Press Summer Fest
JUNE 11, 2011 --- "Cinder Block: Mixture" at Skydive Art Space at 7:00 PM
I stumbled on this today. It isn't exactly the answer I was expecting.
"...we don’t know how to speak English anymore. The phrase "acting out" means you’re portraying behavior that which you haven’t got the words to say in language. In a game of charades, you have to act out, because you’re not allowed to speak." Dr. Gabor Maté